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Pembridge CE Primary School

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Our Learning Journey in Writing

Our Vision for Writing

We know that learning to write well for a range of purposes and audiences is fundamental to the success of children as they move through the school and beyond. We aim to provide children with a toolkit of skills, knowledge and understanding which they can confidently draw upon to a range of different types of writing across the curriculum. Writing is intrinsically linked to how confident children are to speak – and then, read – in sentences and this process can only happen if our engagement with parents and carers is strong and the right support is given to develop these skills independently. By providing our children with creative ‘hooks’ or reasons to write, we find a variety of ways to develop their handwriting (an unlooped cursive style), spelling, understanding and use of standard (and non-standard) English, sentence construction and grammar, vocabulary and writing ‘flair’. We encourage children to be confident and motivated writers who are able to open up the future through their written word.

You can find more about what we do here.

In Early Years (the Reception year), the curriculum is organised along broad themes. You can see what writing looks like in Class 1 here.

You can find the expectations (from the National Curriculum) that children in each year group should be working towards and achieving by clicking on each number below:

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Our Partnership with Parents and Carers along the Journey

We value the support parents and carers make to the progress our children make during their time with us at Pembridge. Here are a few websites which might be of interest to those who are interested in finding ways to help develop children's writing skills.

The Literacy Trust offers advice for parents of children of any age to support communication, reading and writing.

Pobble 365 gives a daily writing stimulus.

Our handwriting is the Cambridge Penpals font. Information for parents can be found here.