Pembridge CE Primary School

Pembridge CE Primary School

"Inspiring learning through faith and values"

Our Learning Journey in Speaking and Listening

Our Vision for Speaking and Listening

We know that speaking and listening skills are fundamental to the teaching of English and through them, every area of the curriculum and the wider development of the whole child. The achievement of every child is dependent on their ability and confidence to express their opinions, articulate feelings and listen to and respond appropriately in a range of situations; to participate with different groups of children to present ideas with confidence, valuing the views of others; and to speak audibly and expressively before an audience. Learning does not take place in isolation – the opportunity to explore ideas through talk, to challenge ideas and opinions, to develop reasoned arguments as well as talking in full sentences are all intrinsic to developing a flourishing community. Good speaking and listening derives from the experiences children see and hear around them and we aim to model this explicitly, fostering excellent communication skills amongst our children.

You can find out more about what we do here.

In Early Years (the Reception year), the curriculum is organised along broad themes. You can see what speaking and listening looks like in Class 1 here.

You can find the expectations (from the National Curriculum) that children in each year group should be working towards and how these might be seen in each class by clicking on the links below:

Key Stage 1

Lower Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2