Our Religious Education Learning Journey

Our vision for RE

Religious Education (RE) gives an opportunity ‘to explore what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live, so that pupils can gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle questions raised by religion and belief, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living’ (Herefordshire Syllabus 2020). It provides a safe place in which to ask challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. We use RE to explore religions and world views in local, national and global contexts, considering different answers to these questions. RE allows our children to weigh up the value of wisdom from different sources, to develop and express their insights in response and to agree or disagree respectfully. It equips our children with a bank of knowledge enabling them to develop their own ideas, values and identities. They learn to value positive dialogue, articulate their own beliefs, ideas and experiences coherently while respecting the right of others to differ.

You can find out more about what we do in RE here.

We use the Herefordshire SACRE Agreed Syllabus to help us identify key knowledge and skills. You can find out more here.

We have created a bespoke two-year curriculum which includes information relevant to our local area. Key questions help us shape our units of work - you can find these here.

In Early Years (the Reception year), the curriculum is organised along broad themes. You can see what RE looks like in Class 1 here.

On our journey through RE in school, we need itineraries to help us know where we're going. Each unit of work has one which includes focused objectives for different groups of children, cross-curricular links and our ultimate destination. We help the children by including some keys - questions, vocabulary, ideas - to help them know more and remember more. Click on each class to see the itinerary and keys.

Year A Autumn 1

Class 1 itinerary and keys

Class 2 itinerary and keys

Class 3 itinerary and keys

Class 4 itinerary and keys

Year A Autumn 2

Class 1 itinerary and keys

Class 2 itinerary and keys

Class 3 itinerary and keys

Class 4 itinerary and keys