Our Geography Curriculum Journey

Our Vision for Geography                                                                         

Our children live in a diverse world which should inspire them to be curious about what they see around them and what they discover through experience, media and technology. We want them to understand how their place in the world fits into the wider human and physical aspects of geography around them. In doing so, they will recognise the impact that they (and wider humanity) have on the landscapes of the world. Our children need to make connections between their own rural community and the similarities and differences in urban areas across the world using appropriate vocabulary. They need to use skills which help them to observe how what they see corresponds to maps of different scales. There will be many opportunities to use their maths and research skills to make sense of data to help them discover more.

You can find out more about what we do here.

We use the National Curriculum and ©Focus Education to help us identify key knowledge and skills. You can find out more here.

We have created a bespoke two-year curriculum which includes information relevant to our local area. Key questions help us shape our half-termly units of work - you can find these here.

In Early Years (the Reception year), the curriculum is organised along broad themes. You can see what geography looks like in Class 1 here.

On our journey through geography in school, we need itineraries to help us know where we're going. Each unit of work has one which includes focused objectives for different groups of children, cross-curricular links and our ultimate destination. We help the children by including some keys - questions, vocabulary, ideas - to help them know more and remember more. Click on each class to see the itinerary and keys.

Autumn Year A

Class 2 itinerary and keys

Class 3 itinerary and keys

Class 4 itinerary and keys