Our Vision for Learning

Pembridge CE Primary School firmly believes it has an enriching curriculum which offers children a wide variety of experiences from singing in a cathedral, to competing in sports with other schools, sewing rainforest animals and making mud pies in its outdoor kitchen. Whilst we regard academic success as a significant outcome of every child’s learning journey, the breadth of education must always reflect what the world and society requires – that our young people demonstrate positive well-being, find delight in wonder, are respectful to others, show an inspirational way of dealing with challenges as well as being able to read, write and solve maths problems!

We are a school where everyone seeks all that is good and worthy of praise so that each child rejoices in the skills and eagerness to embrace the next phase of their education.

Our Learning Behaviours

Our learning is inspired through faith and values so that we continually aim for teaching and learning of the highest quality. It is underpinned by our high expectations that children demonstrate behaviours which enable them to flourish, whatever subject or task is put before them. These eight key skills are celebrated in our weekly celebration worship: try new things, work hard, concentrate, self-motivate, imagine, improve, understand others and don’t give up. By embracing these, we enable all our children to engage in an inspiring, enjoyable curriculum with a greater understanding of how they are able to succeed and achieve their very best.

Learning Together

The curriculum should be involving, so that in working with parents and carers we can help to shape each child's learning, to motivate and to enthuse. Our termly Learning Together newsletter is full of advice and strategies to help your child develop skills and confidence in areas of learning which can be difficult.

Edition 1 on spelling strategies.

Edition 2 on motor skills.

Edition 3 on fine and gross motor skills.

Edition 4 on representing number.

Edition 5 on getting children talking.

The whole school community values the Pembridge way of teaching and learning. We have high expectations which are evident in every classroom and spaces around the school. You can view our essentials by clicking on these links: READING  WRITING   MATHS

Please click here for our learning behaviours checklist.

Click here for our positive mind-set steps.

Key Stage 1 SATS information

Key Stage 2 SATS information