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Pembridge CE Primary School

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Early Help

Providing Early Help to our children and families means we are more effective in promoting support as soon we can. Early Help means we can give help as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child's life, beginning with the foundation stage.

These challenges in life could be related to:

  • family relationships
  • challenging behaviours
  • housing and financial issues
  • emotional and mental health
  • safety in the community
  • attendance
  • or any other issues affecting your child and family

How to access the right help when you need it.

If you are experiencing family difficulties, please seek an opportunity to discuss your concerns with someone you know such as family and friends, your GP or other health professional, or staff in school.

You could also search on the Talk Community Directory for information on a wide range of areas.

Support within school

We endeavour to create a school ethos that promotes trust between all adults and children so that concerns and worries are expressed effectively. No matter how small, we will listen to these anxieties so that all our children are safeguarded effectively. Please do get in touch with one of us in order to begin the Early Help process.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead in school is Mr R Hollis:

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs L Williams: 

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead is Mrs S Palmer: 

The Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) is Mrs Devereaux. She has been trained by a team of Educational Psychologists to support the emotional wellbeing of our children. She is able to work with individual children or those in small groups to deliver bespoke interventions tailored to the child's need or present situation. She will help to explore emotional literacy (being to express emotions), what it means to have positive mental health, build social skills and develop emotional resilience and wellbeing.

Behaviour Support:

All children are supported by our behaviour policy. We will discuss any concerns we have with you and establish the best plan to support your child with any behaviour-focused targets. We may also involve outside agencies to provide advice and support for you and staff in school.

School Nurse: 

We can access additional support through our school nurse. Referrals can be made from the school or by you to seek help for anxiety, mental health, weight gain, or any other concerns you have about your child.


We work alongside this professional team who support Child and Adolescent Mental Health services. Your child's GP can also make a referral for their support.


This is everyone's responsibility. Every child whose attendance falls below 95% is carefully monitored and support offered. Children who arrive after the registers close at 9.15am will be marked with an unauthorised absence. Children with ten or more unauthorised absences may be fined by the Local Authority.


Our school delivers a well-structured Personal, Social, Heath and Economics curriculum alongside Relationship and Sex Education. These further support the children's understanding of how to keep themselves safe. It also broadens their understanding of strategies to develop their resilience, as well as their awareness of their mental health and approaches to keep this aspect of their lives healthy.

The Early Help hub

This is a confidential service open to all families living in Herefordshire with a child or children aged 0-19 years.

Their friendly and professional team will listen to your worries, offer advice and guidance and look at how best to support you to access the right help to meet your needs. This may include access to:

Call the Early Help hub team on 01432 260800 (available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm - closed on bank holidays).

Further information can be found at Herefordshire's Early Help for Families website.