The school has a wealth of strategies and experience to help everyone enjoy the love of reading.


Fluent reading is a pathway to so many aspects of life and learning. Helping to promote the acquisition of vocabulary; enabling children to develop familiarity with a wide range of sentence structures; allowing them to nurture their imaginations; as well as enabling pupils to acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know, it has a vital role to play in giving pupils a chance to develop in so many different ways.

As a result of this, helping to promote children’s enjoyment in reading and to develop reading for pleasure is clearly a high priority.

Much attention is paid to reading in school but it is hugely beneficial to all children when reading is supported fully at home. Such support is likely to be a combination of listening to children read, sharing books and reading to children, throughout their years at primary school. At all times, the emphasis should be on enjoyment of the experience.

Parents often comment on how tricky it can be to find reading material for their children. With this in mind, lists of books (an ‘Awesome Eight’ of suggestions for each year group) have now been added to the website. A new list will be added each term. Although the books are organised in year groups, this really is only a guide and your child/children may well enjoy books from those recommended for a different year group and of course, these books are only a small sample of the huge range of great books available. Please click on the tabs for each year group.

There are some excellent websites that follow which will help with book choices too and there are many opportunities online to read extracts from books before buying:

This is a really useful website. You can just look up books for a particular age group or search for a particular book. In both cases, extracts are available to read. Each month, it lists a selection of new books. There is lots of other information here as well as a ‘kidszone’ and competitions.

Another fantastic website for gathering information and searching for book recommendations for your child/children. This site also produces new book recommendations every month. It has just issued a 100 great books from 2020 covering all age groups.

Again, a very useful website for finding book recommendations across a whole range of ages and genres.

Not, as you might think, just for World Book Day. It’s a good idea just to explore it.

Hay Festival of Books 2021