Pembridge CE Primary School

Pembridge CE Primary School

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Eco Council

We are determined to get our Green Flag award for eco-awareness and are working hard to achieve our goals. Earlier this year, Prince William created the Earthshot competition for people all around the world to design ways to:

Clean Our Air

Protect and Restore Nature

Revive Our Oceans

Build a Waste-Free World

Fix Our Climate

Mini Earthshots Competition

We'd like you to help too. Please look at our slides to help you design your invention, poster, picture or film.

Mrs Denny from Herefordshire Council came to speak about the 'Stop the Drop' campaign which made us all think about not dropping litter.

We created their idealistic home in response to a fantastic Spring Greens Day at the Court of Noke in Herefordshire. Please watch this video clip first.

Then you can find out more if you click these words: animals, insulation, natural light, wind turbines, getting water, using wood, toilets, using the sun, and growing green.

They were inspired by a day at the Court of Noke to design their own eco-friendly homes. Click on each number for a close up: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Finally, do watch this clip now!

We were thrilled to have won the Green Dragon Award for our interpretation of an 'idealistic home'!