Class Information

We have four classes and arrange our seven year groups (Reception, Year 1-6) in mixed-age groupings. Because of our small size, we can be flexible which means the children will work in different ways during the year. In 2018-2019, they are arranged as follows:

Class Numbers of children Class teachers
1 13 Reception and 15 Year 1

Mrs Williams with

Mrs Johnson

2 14 Year 2 & 11 Year 3 Miss Morgan with Mrs Hayes and Mrs Satterley
3 20 Year 4

Miss Evans/Mr Hollis

with Mrs Devereaux

4 17 Year 5  and 15 Year 6

Miss Mence (mornings only for Y5), Mrs Jones and Mrs Coates

with Mrs Butterfield

Please use the tabs to click on each class to find out more about what is happening each term.